Storage ...

Your furniture is fetched from us with you or delivered from you into one of our camps.  These are then hit in our heated furniture camp professionally into covers and stored in separate areas, until you call your removal property up again. When desired we store your removal property into separate wood camp crates.



Container Storage ...

Your furniture is fetched from us with special trucks which have loaded several of our camp containers.  Our coworkers stow away and lock in front of your house your removal property professionally into the containers.  At our camp these containers will unload and in our container camp stored.  If you call your removal property up again these containers are brought with our trucks  to your new domicile and your removal property are carried into your house.

Car Transporting

Car transporting / shipping ...

You want to transport a car?  We fetch your vehicle at your home and transport it to the loading point.  There it is stowed away in an overseas container and brought into the county of destination  There we deliver your car to your place.  You can also deliver it to us and at the destination fetch also your vehicle.  Completely, as you want.

Your choice ...

Whether jeeps, luxury sedan or old timer.  No matter which vehicle you want to transport we bring it reliably to your place. To which destination ever you want. Please select.


No removal is like another ...

The individual and competent completion of your removal or order for transportation - same whether it concerns the transport of a cabinet around the corner or your complete furniture over thousands of kilometers - it is for us self comprehensibility.  From the free and noncommittal offer to the structure of your furniture in your new domicile we stand for you as reliable partners to the side.

Do what ever you want!

Our removal service (removal package) is based on several components:  In and unpacking, out and granting, disassembly and assembly, collection and supply, transport and storage.  Do nevertheless, what you would like!  Which you do not want to make with your removal, we settle for you whether you to pack up, your furniture dismantle and again to construct or whether you to take up, decides our Full service you!  Of course you can save through your own contribution at removal expenses.  Packing material we supply to you with first when desired.


Packing material ...

You partly receive packing material with us such as removal boxes, dress boxes, picture boxes, picture corners, bedding and mattress coverings to the purchase and to the rent.  Thus your removal property is packed professionally for transport and storage.



Packing accessories ...

We supply packing assistance likewise to you with such as burl foil, tissue paper, tapes etc., in order to protect your removal property optimally when packing.



Always moving ...

Correct packing is an important component for a successful removal. We offer to you sturdy packing material and packing accessories.  With correctly packing your goods are protected in the case of transport despite all movement optimally against damage and break.  We stow your cargo away professionally thereby this in your new home arrive again intact.

Germany, Europe and overseas

Your removal or cargo is with us in competent hands. Whether in Germany, on the European continent, to England or overseas, we transport for you professionally and reliably.
In many countries we have partners or furniture camps. You can deliver, store or fetch your commodity or your car if necessary there. We deliver naturally your cargo directly with you or fetch it.
Please you always contact the center in Munich under telephone 0049 (0)8166 9918-0 with questions or date agreements.

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